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Couldn’t Legal Blogs be Published With Simple Designs?


Couldn’t legal blogs be penned on a simple theme?

Theme as in a design or user interface on which the writing is displayed for readers.

Perhaps like a book, black on white. Some books go for the “eloquent” feel of a bleached or cream color.

Reading ‘James Patterson,’ an autobiography by Patterson, I was struck by the simple and eloquent paper being used by the publisher. Maybe a cream color with slightly thicker feel.

A slight step up, I thought, from the fine #business paper in the books I just finished by Amy Bloom, ‘In Love’ – and Delia Ephraim, ‘Left on Tenth.’

All three, fabulous authors and fabulous books. Patterson having sold over 400 milllon books, maybe more than any American author.

I notice the paper, I think, because of the reading experience I enjoy. Hardback, only. Paperback would be uncilvililzed. 😉

A good experience?

Does reading the book make me feel good? Does the author connect with me in a real and intement way? Are they talking to me? Do I begin to trust them?

The paper – the design – just brings a calmness, eloquence, classiness and an unrealized sense of no distractions.

Why can’t legal blogs be like this?

The goal of a legal blog is for a lawyer to establish trust and to connect with people in a real and intiment way.

The result being that a lawyer establishes themselves as the, or last a, leading authority in their field.

Yet, legal blogs have (some less, some more):

  • Bright colors
  • Big pictures
  • Call outs for newsletter subscriptions
  • Large telephone numbers
  • Testimonials
  • Content tailored for SEO, versus trust, connection and intimacy
  • Features drawing one to click elsewhere, such as on law firm profiles

All seem like the last thing in the world you’d want when looking to establish connection and trust in your blogging.

Couldn’t legal blogs work their magic with simplicity? Drop the distractions?

A title, a published by, post pages and individual pages about the author, their services and their contact info.

Less could be more if you are looking to generate a book of business from legal blogging.


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