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Contiki fashion sure has come a long way over the years…


Let’s throw it back to where is all began – 1962 – to one man with a real big dream, a mini bus, a sh*tload of ambition, and a few dodgy old tents. This, my friends, was the birth of Contiki. 

60 (!) years on and the social travel ethos remains the same, but to say we’ve come a long way in past 6 decades is something of an understatement. From starting out on the open roads of Europe, we’ve now spread our wings to 6 continents, and we don’t plan on slowing down any time soon (Antarctica, say what?).

And it’s not just our scope that’s evolved over the years; our travellers have also been on a sartorial journey of their own – one that involves A LOT of hair spray and some serious short shorts action.

So if you’re curious about how Contiki fashion has evolved over the years, prepare for general hilarity…


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