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In 2008 I wrote a long article on what to expect after your property is damaged or destroyed in a catastrophe like a wildfire, a tornado, an earthquake or a hurricane. The attack on Florida and much of the East Coast by Hurricane Ian has encouraged me to make the article published by the CPA Journal, available by publishing the link to the Journal where it was published in 2017.

“At the request of the editors of the CPA Journal, insurance expert, Barry Zalma updated his blog for the benefit of our readers. In 2008, he wrote this article to help those faced with catastrophic losses. It is reprint here because of Hurricane Harvey and Irma in hopes it will help those victims of the catastrophes deal with their claims.” It is available at https://www.cpajournal.com/2017/09/26/claims-in-a-catastrophe/

In my opinion, insurers dealing with a catastrophe will usually be in a very generous mood. They will be seeking good publicity by taking care of victims of the catastrophe quickly and fairly. To make the claims process go easily the insured person must understand that both the insured and the adjuster have duties when damage-caused by fire, windstorm, flood or other insured perils are discovered.

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