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Chrome: What’s New. We live our lives in our web browser. Google Chrome, my browser of choice, is the background of my life every day. I still use native Windows software for some basic tasks, such as WordPerfect for document creation, Kofax Power PDF for document distribution and Court filings, legacy Windows software like ProDoc document assembly and time and billing software. But, for everything else, I am in the cloud, and I manage my way around inside the Chrome browser. Google is always making Chrome better; and, while I have tried other browsers along the way, when Chrome got bloated and slow (or so it seemed at the time), I have always come back, and Chrome has always improved. If, like millions of others, you are a Chrome user, you should check out what’s new, and make sure you are rocking the latest version. There are new ways to organize tabs, and tabbed browsing has greatly increased my speed. Too many tabs? You can search them in a search box now. You can now add passwords in Google Password manager even if you aren’t at the site. You can perform an online safety check from within the browser. There are many other things you can do in the browser, and, since you live in it all day and all night, it is worth looking around. Be safe and careful and productive out there.



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