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Christmas from the legal perspective


One of the main holidays for all Christians is Christmas. Christmas is a symbol of renewal and union with God. The Catholic Church celebrates this holiday on December 25 – 26, and the Orthodox Church on January 7.

In this blog, we will talk about the strangest Christmas laws and court cases.

Let’s start with weird Christmas laws.

  1. “Sweets Prohibition Act” 1644 – Great Britain.

Since 1644, it has been illegal in Britain to eat sweets at Christmas. Back in the middle of the 17th century, a decision was made in Great Britain to ban the celebration of Christmas, considering its celebration immoral. In this regard, many attributes of the holiday, including cookies, fell under the ban.

  1. Prohibition to work.

In 1677, Charles II passed a law that forbade on Christmas Day (December 25th) any “person to engage in or carry out any labor.”

  1. No parking

In 1780, George III passed a Law that allowed the police to confiscate and sell any car parked near the church, and the money was distributed to the poor and needy.

  1. Penalties for not removing Christmas lights in the US.

States in the United States have laws that govern how long Christmas lights are allowed to remain on after Christmas. In San Diego, you have until February 2nd. Violators are threatened with a fine of $250. In Maine state, penalties can be imposed any time after January 15th.

  1. Prohibition on trade.

The UK and Wales Christmas Day Trading Act 2004 prohibits large shops and supermarkets from opening. The purpose of the law is to make Christmas a “special” day.

Let’s move on to the strange Christmas lawsuits and cases:

  1. Fake ID – Santa Claus.

Warren Hayes received an official ID in the name of “Santa Claus”. In addition, he gave his address at 1 Noel Drive, North Pole, USA. After he had a small accident, the police discovered a fake ID. He was charged under the Ohio Law under the article “use of fictitious names”.

  1. The thief – Santa Claus, got stuck in the chimney for 6 hours after he wanted to escape from the scene of the crime. Seattle firefighters pulled a naked man out of a chimney after a neighbor reported someone was screaming for help. He was charged with burglary and sentenced to 17 months in prison.
  2. Song “All I Want for Christmas Is You”.

Songwriter Andy Stone is suing American singer Mariah Carey for copyright infringement.

The musician claims to have written the song All I Want for Christmas Is You five years before the pop singer released her Christmas hit in November 1994. According to him, he never gave permission to use the single, in connection with which he decided to accuse the celebrity of plagiarizing his work.

According to a lawsuit filed in Louisiana District Court, Stone demanded $20 million in damages from Carey.


The articles on this blog are not, nor are they intended to be, legal advice. You should consult a lawyer for individual advice or assessment regarding your own situation. The article only reflects the views of the author.


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