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Charles Hoskinson Unloads on YouTuber Ran Neuner


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Alex Dovbnya

Members the Cardano (ADA) community have joined Hoskinson to call out Ran Neuner

In an explosive outburst, Cardano (ADA) founder Charles Hoskinson unloaded on YouTube’s Ran Neuner over his perceived dishonesty and bias.

In a tweet, Hoskinson accused Neuner of “shilling for Solana and Luna” while giving Cardano an unfair representation.

Charles O called out Neuner on Twitter for what he perceived as “shamefully dishonest” reporting on Cardano’s development progress.

The popular YouTuber has been accused of promoting a VC report that mispresents developer activity on Cardano.

While Cardano consistently ranks among the top blockchains by the number of commits on Github, the blockchain’s critics claim that the blockchain is “vaporware” with little to no development activity. 

The recent comments immediately set off discussions within the broader crypto space about integrity issues surrounding Neuner’s reporting.   

Charles O argues that Neuner is just attempting to “sell his own book.” “You are lucky you’re not in the US. We prosecute financial crimes here,” he added.    

However, some noted that Cardano actually has very few developers building within the ecosystem despite having a relatively high numb of core protocol developers, which is why such criticism is not completely unfounded.     

Cardano remains the 8th biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. 


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