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Charles Hoskinson Says Every Bank in America Shills Crypto, Here’s How


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Cardano founder believes that banks are “advertising” cryptocurrencies better than blockchain platforms themselves, and this is where Kanye West is mentioned


Head of IOG and founder of Cardano and co-creator of Ethereum, Charles Hoskinson, has taken to Twitter to express his sarcasm at the efforts of U.S. banks to ban cryptocurrencies for their customers.

As an example, he chose Kanye West, whose account at JP Morgan was closed down last week.

Hoskinson says why crypto space may not be bothered about marketing

Hoskinson tackled the question that he has apparently been getting often from the crypto community — that is, wondering why companies in the crypto space that have their own coins are not good enough at marketing their assets and services.

He believes that U.S. banks are much better at shilling crypto masses. As an example, he posted a picture with popular rapper Kanye West wearing a baseball cap that has an inscription that says, “Satoshi Nakamoto.”


The caption of the picture claims that the rapper, (now) Ye West, is now a Bitcoin fan after JP Morgan banking giant terminated a customer service contract with him three days ago and shut down his account.

Prior to that, Twitter and Instagram social media giants also suspended the rapper billionaire’s accounts for posting anti-semitic conspiracy theories.

Bank of America shuts down accounts of crypto advocates

Kanye West is a famous advocate of crypto, and Bitcoin in particular. On June 1, the media reported that he filed 17 applications intending to start minting his own branded NFTs. Curiously, in the winter, he stated that he would never be dealing with non-fungible tokens.

Previously, U.Today reported that large U.S. banks had closed down accounts of Tron founder and its former CEO, Justin Sun, as well as former top executive of PayPal Roelof Botha. Back then, founder of TechCrunch Michael Arrington guessed that Botha’s account was terminated because he had bought some Bitcoin.


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