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Celebrating 20 Years at Microsoft!


A few days ago, I officially marked my 20th anniversary working for the greatest legal team on the planet: the Microsoft Corporate, External & Legal Affairs team.

While it’s hard to believe that I joined Microsoft 20 years ago on December 2, 2002, it continues to be an absolute honor and privilege to work at Microsoft. I want to thank all of my terrific Microsoft teammates over the years who have made me a better lawyer, a better leader and a better person.

Since I have also been a lawyer “in the field” serving our world class sales teams during my Microsoft career, I also want to thank our outstanding customers and partners for the opportunity to earn their trust.

At this point in my career, I pride myself in being a coach and mentor to help develop the next generation of great Microsoft lawyers and legal professionals.

To commemorate my 20 years at Microsoft, here’s 20 things that I have learned which may be helpful to you in the workplace:

☑️ Wellness, Wellness, Wellness: Taking care of your mental and physical well-beings are your most important investments.

☑️ Change is the Only Constant: Embrace change and never fear it.

☑️ Always Be Learning: Don’t be a “know it all.” Be a “learn it all.”

☑️ Simplify: Don’t overengineer matters. Instead, decomplexify them.

☑️ Offer Solutions: When identifying potential issues, also provide meaningful problem-solving solutions.

☑️ Integrity is Everything: Be highly ethical and never compromise your integrity.

☑️ Be Kind: Always be nice, respectful and professional with everyone.

☑️ Exude Confidence: Be self-assured and believe in yourself.

☑️ Play Bigger Than Your Role: Perform your job at a high level by going above and beyond.

☑️ Ruthless Prioritization: Make it a habit to relentlessly prioritize your work.

☑️ Earn Trust With Others: Trust cannot be claimed. Trust must constantly be earned.

☑️ Seek Feedback & Be Coachable: Ask for and embrace feedback from others

☑️ Make Your Teammates Better: Always provide high value to your teammates and constantly share your knowledge with them.

☑️ Drive Clarity: As Brene Brown like to say, “being clear is kind.” Overcommunicate when needed.

☑️ Be Humble & Energetic: Remain hungry, thankful and enthusiastic.

☑️ Keep Things in Perspective: Unlike doctors, firefighters and other first responders, most of our work does not involve saving lives. Stay balanced and keep your job in perspective.

☑️ Toot Your Horn: Advocate for yourself by actively messaging the positive impact of your work to your management team.

☑️ Relationships Matter: The workplace is not a meritocracy. Build deep relationships with senior leaders.

☑️ Inclusivity: The highest performing teams are those who are highly inclusive.

☑️ Remain Optimistic: While your career journey will have its up’s and downs, always stay positive.


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