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Cardano’s Hoskinson on LUNA, CSPR, CEL and His Affiliation with Them


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Gamza Khanzadaev

Cardano founder on what he likes best about bear market and how it relates to LUNA, CSPR and CEL

In a recent tweet, Cardano founder and renowned blockchain developer Charles Hoskinson revealed what he thinks is the best thing about the bear market. In the Cardano founder’s opinion, it is the evolution of Charles Derangement Syndrome im its final form. In such a twisted way, Hoskinson, referring to the syndrome of not liking something or someone for nothing, appeals to his haters.

According to the blockchain developer and crypto entrepreneur, the level of hatred against him on social media has reached a level as if he had created an alliance of Celsius, Luna and Casper. The three cryptocurrencies mentioned by Hoskinson are all known failed projects, with LUNA and CEL failing utterly, washing away billions of investors’ money, while CSPR has recently revived and started to gain momentum again.

There are satisfied people, too

While part of the crypto community actively hates Charles Hoskinson and Cardano, there are those who are happy and see positive trends in the ecosystem, even in the current crypto winter. One such enthusiast is Ben Goertzel, a renowned scientist and specialist in artificial intelligence.

Though ADA quotations have fallen by 20% in the past two weeks, Goertzel is not panicking at all but rather enjoying the fact that Cardano is not a financial investment for him, but a software framework that is constantly developing and evolving.


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