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Cardano’s First SPO Liquidity Bond Funded and Launched Successfully


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Arman Shirinyan

First of its kind DeFi product had smooth launch on Cardano network

The first-ever SPO Liquidity Bond had a successful launch with full funding in less than 25 minutes. For now, the first of its kind product is smoothly running on a network that had been previously marked as a place where DeFi would not be possible.

According to the bond’s specifications, the current lend APY is at 5.3% ADA. The maximum duration is 72 epochs, with premium paid 12 epochs. The current value is 1 million ADA coins, funded by “stake1uxefmt” whale.

Optim Finance’s products allow borrowing and lending ADA delegation rights on-chain without the help of third parties. With bonds, users are able to lend to small stakes in pools, ecosystem projects or other users and earn additional yield while contributing to the decentralization of the network.

The launched SPO Bond allows Stake Pools to rent delegation to bootstrap liquidity into their pools. There are also two additional types of bonds offered by Optim: ISO Bonds and IBOs. The first ones allow users to leverage their positions into an ISO, and IBOs help projects to fundraise without staking pool offerings or airdrop mechanisms.

As we have covered in our previous articles, Optim and other Cardano-based DeFi solutions are rapidly pushing the ecosystem toward becoming a robust environment for financial solutions, which should be a foundation for the network’s market and fundamental growth during the next bull phase on the market.

Such a rapid fulfillment of the first bond on the network and a growing number of ADA locked-in contracts reflects a high demand among investors for DeFi on the network, in contrast to popular opinion about Cardano’s stiffness and inability to create sufficient financial projects and solutions.


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