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Cardano’s Daedalus Wallet Sees Major Release, Here’s What’s New

Cardano builder Input Output Global (IOG) has announced a new release for the Daedalus wallet — Daedalus mainnet 5.1.0, which brings two updates to hardware wallet integration.

The two enhancements consist of an upgraded version of the LedgerJS package that includes support for the future Ledger Cardano App version 5.0.0 and Babbage, as well as the Trezor Connect version 9 update.

Additionally, the release incorporates Cardano wallet v2022-10-06, which addresses fee calculation performance deterioration and is Babbage-era compatible. The team will be able to prioritize adding new features and fixing bugs with the help of an optional anonymous usage data analytics collection that is also included in this release.

According to the release notes, the transaction fee took too long to appear in the prior version. Now, this has been corrected. Also, the ADA balance in users’ wallets, which was misrepresented in a minor Japanese translation error, has now been corrected.


Ahead of the Vasil update in September, IOG released Daedalus version 5.0.0, which fixed several issues, such as errors when selecting syncing wallets during the process of redeeming incentivized testnet (ITN) rewards. It also removed older Daedalus executables that would not get deleted in prior versions after an auto-update.

The Vasil update was triggered on Sept. 22, marking a historic milestone for the Cardano blockchain. The full Vasil capabilities were deployed five days later, on Sept. 27, allowing developers to enjoy Vasil benefits.

However, IOG has issued an alert about Daedalus being a full-node wallet for desktop only. It warns that any ”mobile Daedalus” is a scam trying to steal seed phrases and ADA coins.

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