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Cardano’s (ADA) First Telemedicine App Goes Live


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Vladislav Sopov

Citaldoc platform tests Cardano (ADA) tokens as payment method for their telemedicine platform


Citaldoc, one of the dominant telemedicine applications on the Latin American market with over 650,000 potential patiens, shares the details of ADA testing in its design.

Citaldoc is testing ADA as payment method

As per a statement shared by the Citaldoc team on its main Twitter account, the platform started testing Cardano’s first token, ADA, for its telemedicine services’ payment module.

As displayed on the screenshot, a test transaction of 10,000 ADA has been successfully processed by Cardano’s (ADA) testing network. The transaction was charged by a negligible 0.0017% fee.

Citaldoc representatives highlighted that this milestone is “emotional” for them as crypto integration is of paramount importance for Citaldoc’s accessibility to potential and existing clients.


As covered by U.Today previously, Cardano (ADA) is betting big on Latin America. With recent partnerships of Binance in the region, card users can seamlessly purchase crypto here.

With Binance Card, Shiba Inu Coin (SHIB), Cardano (ADA) and dozens of other tokens are available for fiat purchasing in the LatAm region.

$1,000,000 in ADA for telemedicine adoption

The proposal to integrate Cardano’s native token, ADA, and its first stablecoin asset, Djed (DJED), in telemedicine in the Help2Health project is among the most popular on Cardano’s community-driven incubator Project Catalyst.

Citaldoc representatives announced that $1,000,000 in ADA tokens will be enough to fuel the next phase of crypto adoption in telemedicine.

By press time, Citaldoc delivers its services to over 100,000 clients in e-health, telemedicine and pharmaceutical industries, being among the leading companies in LatAm’s healthcare sphere.


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