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Cardano Will Thrive in Next Bull Cycle: Crypto Capital Venture Founder


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Yuri Molchan

Crypto influencer believes that “clouds will eventually clear” over Cardano


Founder of Crypto Capital Venture Dan Gambardello has taken to Twitter to opine to his followers that Cardano will continue thriving as soon as the next bull cycle arrives.

In the meantime, a similar opinion was shared by an anonymous Twitter user @Cardano_whale, stating that ADA‘s fundamentals are still very strong.

“Last leg of the bear market”

Gambardello tweeted that he believes at the moment that the toughest part for ADA is taking place as a result of the bear market that started last year.

He predicts that the last leg of the bear market is beginning, and it will be “volatile and crazy.”


The Crypto Capital Venture founder admits that this is only his opinion, and he is not providing any guarantees for it. However, data that he has been collecting over the past few years makes him confident in his prediction.

“Fundamentals stronger than ever,” but “this sell-off is brutal”

Pseudonymous Twitter user @Cardano_whale also shared a view that the ADA community should be patient since “ADA fundamentals are stronger than ever.”

He also reminded the community that Cardano possesses a vibrant ecosystem, while a lot of news on it does not get reported by media.

As for the current sell-off, he called it brutal. Since Oct. 11, Cardano’s native cryptocurrency, ADA, lost more than 15%, falling from $0.4242 down to the $0.3566 level.


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