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Cardano Smart Contracts Rose 394% in 2022, Here Are Highlights of Year


The Cardano Foundation, a nonprofit organization and custodian of the Cardano blockchain, has taken to Twitter to share the highlights of the about-to-be-concluded year of 2022. The Cardano Foundation highlights several partnerships formed this year, as well as figures demonstrating explosive on-chain growth.

This includes a three-year collaboration between the Cardano Foundation and the Blockchain Center of the University of Zurich (UZH BCC), one of the leading research universities in Europe, to explore the development of blockchain education and research initiatives.

Also, the Cardano Foundation has collaborated with Georgia’s National Wine Agency, the Bolnisi Winemakers Association and Scantrus to create a solution on the Cardano blockchain to ensure the quality and authenticity of Georgian wine.

In November, the Cardano Foundation announced a new collaboration with the UN Refugee Agency’s national partner in Switzerland: Switzerland for UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees).

A glance at the Cardano improvement proposals (CIPs) was also provided in a graphic. The concluding year of 2022 saw a 100% growth in proposals. There were 50 reviewed proposals, 20 proposals under review, 38 new CIP authors and 155 pull requests in 2022, with over 2,700 comments in the year.

Massive on-chain growth

According to the graphic posted by the Cardano Foundation, the number of Plutus scripts has risen to 4,445, representing a 394% increase since 2021. Native tokens are now over 7.3 million, marking a 192% increase since 2021. The number of minting policies has increased 69% year over year to 66,950.

The number of transactions reached 56.9 million, up 139% from 2021. At the same time, the overall number of wallets grew by 47% to 3.80 million, while the number of delegated wallets increased by 27% to 1.24 million.

According to the latest statistics provided by Cardano blockchain IOG, 1,151 projects are in various stages of development on the blockchain. So far, 111 projects have been launched.


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