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Cardano Now “Better Than Ever,” Says Developer Who Pointed Out Testnet Issues


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Tomiwabold Olajide

Earlier, Adam Dean highlighted critical issues with previous Vasil node 1.35.2

Cardano user Adam Dean, who flagged some testnet issues in the upcoming Vasil hard fork, has shared a screenshot of his most recent Vasil testing, which he tagged “Building, together, stronger, better than ever.”

As reported earlier, Adam Dean highlighted critical issues with the previous Vasil node 1.35.2, sparking a debate within the community. Dean indicated then that the Vasil upgrade was being rushed, which led to technical issues.

After hard forking the Cardano testnet to Vasil functionality with the initial Vasil node 1.35.0, the IOG teams proceeded to work on v1.35.1 and 1.35.2 as a result of the bugs discovered.

The team then released the Vasil node 1.35.3, which the Cardano creator, Charles Hoskinson, noted was “heavily tested” after earlier urging SPOs to upgrade to the node.


Stake pool operators confirm “fix”

According to Cardano pool operator, Andrew Westberg, “the fix to the issues pointed out earlier in the v.135.3 was successful and was confirmed by other SPOs.”

A Twitter user who goes by the name “the Ancient Kraken” also gives a green light on the Vasil node 1.35.3: “I think I properly reproduced the bug that was in 1.35.2 that caused issues for testnet on the spo dev net going on right now. As of now, it does seem like 1.34.1 and 1.35.3 behave as expected in terms of smart contract usage. Everything is looking good.”

Adahandle cofounder, “Conrad,” also tweeted a confirmation of this: “Retweeting this to confirm that, as of now, all tests demonstrate that 1.35.3 is, in fact, ready to go. All issues detected on 1.35.0, 1.35.1, and 1.35.2 could NOT be recreated.”

Cardano’s founder also allayed the fears of the community by maintaining that Vasil was not rushed as node 1.35.3 was well-tested.


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