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Cardano Mainly Hated by These 3 Groups on Twitter: Prominent ADA-Focused Account


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Yuri Molchan

Twitter user “ADA whale” has opined on what three types of critics still hate Cardano

A prominent Twitter account focused on ADA and the Cardano community has shared what three types of haters are still criticizing Cardano, while the majority of critics have warmed up to the most popular proof-of-stake blockchain.

Three groups still actively hate Cardano

According to this Twitter user, @cardano_whale, thanks to the Cardano NFT community, the majority of Cardano haters have now calmed down and warmed up to the Hoskinson-built blockchain.

However, these three groups, per @cardano_whale, still pour heavy criticism on Cardano, including angry traders with 300,000 subscribers and too big of egos (he also referred to them as “crypto hooligans”). Apparently, this group is unhappy with ADA’s price failing to grow at the speed of light.

The second group is “corrupt types in bed with VC.” The third one is “maxi manchildren.” Cardano is often attacked by Bitcoin maximalists.

Among them, Max Keiser is a regular, calling ADA (and actually everything, aside from Bitcoin) a crypto scam and even once naming Charles Hoskinson a terrorist, demanding him to be thrown out of Wyoming, wondering why the pro-crypto politician Senator Cynthia Lummis would not do that.


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