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Cardano Founder Criticizes Nassim Taleb, Here’s Why


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Arman Shirinyan

Co-founder of Ethereum and Cardano has something to say about Nassim Taleb and Lex Fridman

The creator of Cardano and co-founder of the Ethereum network Charles Hoskinson shared a rough tweet about the prominent trader and writer Nassim Taleb, calling him a “piece of human garbage” for a thread shared by Taleb on his personal account a few hours ago.

In a series of tweets, Taleb describes why he has turned down numerous invitations to Lex Fridman’s podcast between 2019 and 2022. Taleb’s main reasoning was that Fridman uses the title of “Research Scientist” in MIT for building his image in media, which in fact could be an unpaid external status that allows library access.

Taleb said that there is no need to be affiliated with an institution to produce informational content, but at the same time, using the name of a prominent educational establishment is “shoddy.” The ex-trader also stated that Fridman used headings like “Quick Note From MIT” to invite him to podcasts.

Hoskinson, on the other hand, told Taleb that Fridman is one of the smartest, most intellectually curious and humble people that he had ever met, while stating that Taleb wrote some books for those who “pretend” to read at parties.

Most cryptocurrency enthusiasts and industry-affiliated influencers supported Hoskinson and said that there is no need to attack Fridman for simple invitations to the podcasts. Fridman himself entered Taleb’s thread, said that he was sorry, wished the ex-trader a happy new year and expressed admiration for his work.

The Cardano co-founder has not made any additional comments after Fridman’s post, nor has Nassim Taleb made any new posts about Hoskinson’s angry message. Cardano’s underlying cryptocurrency ADA is off to a good start in 2023 as it gains 2.3% since the beginning of the year.


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