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Cardano DEX & “Solana Killer” Aptos Announce Major Collaboration: Details


Cardano’s leading decentralized exchange, AdaSwap, has announced the launch of a cross-chain integration with Aptos, the Layer 1 blockchain that has made headlines in recent days. According to the project’s blog, the goal of cross-chain integration with Aptos is to pour liquidity from its ecosystem into Cardano. In addition, AdaSwap is actively planning to begin development on Aptos and is calling for the support of all Cardano and Milkomeda enthusiasts.

Another high-profile announcement from AdaSwap was the launch date for the main network. Five months after the launch of the test network, the project is preparing a mainnet release on Nov. 28. According to the text of the statement, during the testing period, the decentralized exchange was able to carry out 200,000 transactions, pass the Zokyo audit and develop and release new smart contracts.

Simultaneously with the launch of the main network, the project announced giveaways and airdrops, similar to those that were in June at the launch of the test network.

More developments in AdaSwap ecosystem

It seems that we should soon expect more news from one of the most actively developing Cardano projects. Thus, AdaSwap recently announced a partnership with Multichain and hinted at a soon-to-be-native bridge between Cardano and Ethereum.


In addition, we should expect the listing of AdaSwap’s native token, ASW, on major cryptocurrency exchanges when the project itself hints at such plans. At the moment, ASW is only available on the Gate exchange, where it is traded in volumes not exceeding $25,000.


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