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Canadian Financial Summit 2022: MoneySense sessions and free tickets


Register for the Canadian Financial Summit, October 12 to 15, and you’ll get access to the investing and money-management knowledge of more than 35 Canadian personal financial experts, including MoneySense’s own Lisa Hannam, Justin Dallaire and Bryan Borzykowski. All-access tickets are FREE for MoneySense readers.

What can you learn? Here are a few highlights from the segments featuring MoneySense contributors:

Lisa Hannam
Personal Finance Trends to Plan for in 2022 and 2023

Lisa Hannam is an award-winning editor and journalist. In her position as executive editor at Moneysense.ca, Hannam reads countless daily columns from around the world of Canadian personal finance. She’s dropping into the Summit to chat about what she has seen as far as post-COVID changes to the financial scene, the endless Canadian housing debate, where inflation is coming from, what is happening in the Canadian stock market—and finally, a reader favourite—where cryptocurrencies go from here.

Bryan Borzykowski, Ben Felix and Kornel Szrejber
Best ETFs in Canada for 2022

This video presentation covers the best exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in Canada, specifically for Canadian investors. These findings are based on eight experts in this field who are part of the Best ETFs in Canada guide, written by Borzykowski.

In this interview and presentation, Kornel talks with Borzykowski and Canadian analyst Benjamin Felix, portfolio manager at PWL Capital, about the findings.

Justin Dallaire
Where to Buy Real Estate in 2022 Canada

Associate editor Justin Dallaire makes his CFS debut as he takes us behind the headlines of MoneySense’s recent report on the best value real estate in Canada. Canadians who expect the usual Vancouver/Toronto duopoly to appear atop the list might be in for a real shock.

Dallaire explains the metrics behind these much-talked about rankings. He discusses where to buy real estate in today’s markets and the direction real estate may be headed in the immediate future.


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