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Call for tenders: Survey of Practitioners on the Deterrent Effects of EU Competition Enforcement


Organization: European Commission

The time limit for receipt of tenders: 24.02.2023, 16:00

Conditions for opening tenders: 27.02.2023, 10:00

Estimated total value: 400, 000.00 €

DG Competition is looking for a motivated and top-quality team including legal, economic and survey technique experts to provide an update of the existing survey-based evidence as regards the scale of the deterrent effects of EU competition policy, i.e. the extent to which interventions of the European Commission not only stop the anti-competitive behaviour of the market players directly concerned by the intervention but also prevent (deter) future anticompetitive actions by other market actors. The main task of the study is to conduct a large-scale survey among competition policy practitioners. The study also aims at establishing the main factors driving the deterrent effects of the different EU competition policy instruments.

Correct measurement of the deterrent effects of EU competition enforcement is of crucial importance for determining the overall impact of competition policy enforcement, as such indirect effects largely outweigh the direct effect of competition policy interventions. The most commonly used method to estimate deterrent effects relies on surveys, which interrogate companies and their legal advisors about the effects of competition policy interventions on company behaviour. The aim of the present study is to provide an update on the existing survey-based evidence as regards the scale of the deterrent effects of EU competition policy enforcement.

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