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California Ranked as Healthiest and Fittest State in America

Mission Bay Park has close to 14 miles of paths.
A man jobs along Mission Bay. Photo by Chris Stone

A new study finds that California is the healthiest state in America with the fittest residents and second only to Oregon in healthy eating.

The report by Innerbody Research, a Palo Alto-based firm that studies home health products and services, ranked California at the top primarily because of its low smoking rate and high number of fitness and health locations.

“Due to a combination of a dozen health-related factors, California is the number one healthiest state in 2022,” according to the study.

Colorado came in second and Utah third. West Virginia was dead last.

The five healthiest states were in the West, while many of the lower-ranking states were in the South.

The study was based on data from Google search trends, the Yelp API, and the CDC’s Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System.

“Where you live can have a positive or negative influence on your health,” the researchers concluded. “According to our study, the surroundings of California and Colorado are conducive to prioritizing healthy living.”

California’s arch-rivals Florida and Texas came in 13th and 14th on the list, but the lower taxes in those states mean residents have extra money to spend on healthcare.

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