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California Minimum Wage Requirements Effective January 1, 2023


Over the past several years, California has gradually increased the state’s minimum wage rate, resulting in the most recent increase, effective January 1, 2023, to $15.50 per hour for all employers. This minimum wage rate applies to all employees, subject to a few limited exceptions. This increase also affects the minimum annual salary requirement for exempt employees. Under California law, exempt employees must be paid a threshold annual salary of two times the state minimum wage for full-time employment. Accordingly, effective January 1, 2023, the minimum salary for otherwise exempt employees increased to $64,480.00 a year.

Many cities and counties in California have adopted their own local minimum wage rates above the California state minimum wage. If a locality provides a higher minimum wage rate than the state rate, the employer must pay the higher local wage rate. The following California jurisdictions maintain minimum wage rates for nonexempt employees separate from and above the state rate as of January 1, 2023:

City/County Applies To Minimum Wage Rate Per Hour Effective Date
Alameda All employees $15.75 7/1/2022
Belmont All employees $16.75 1/1/2023
Berkeley All employees $16.99 7/1/2022
Burlingame All employees $16.47 1/1/2023
Cupertino All employees $17.20 1/1/2023
Daily City All employees $16.07 1/1/2023
East Palo Alto All employees $16.50 1/1/2023
El Cerrito All employees $17.35 1/1/2023
Emeryville All employees $17.68 7/1/2022
Foster City All employees $16.50 1/1/2023
Freemont All employees $16.00 7/1/2022
Half Moon Bay All employees $16.45 1/1/2023
Hayward 26 or more employees $16.34 1/1/2023
25 or fewer employees $15.50
Los Altos All employees $17.20 1/1/2023
Los Angeles All employees $16.04 7/1/2022
Los Angeles-unincorporated county All employees $15.96 7/1/2022
Malibu All employees $15.96 7/1/2022
Menlo Park All employees $16.20 1/1/2023
Milpitas All employees $16.40 7/1/2022
Mountain View All employees $18.15 1/1/2023
Novato 25 or fewer employees $15.53 1/1/2023
26-99 employees $16.07
100 or more employees $16.32
Oakland All employees $15.97 1/1/2023
Palo Alto All employees $17.25 1/1/2023
Pasadena All employees $16.11 7/1/2022
Petaluma All employees $17.06 1/1/2023
Redwood City All employees $17.00 1/1/2023
Richmond All employees $16.17 1/1/2023
San Carlos All employees $16.32 1/1/2023
San Diego All employees $16.30 1/1/2023
San Francisco All employees $16.99 7/1/2022
San Jose All employees $17.00 1/1/2023
San Mateo All employees $16.75 1/1/2023
Santa Clara All employees $17.20 1/1/2023
Santa Monica All employees $15.96 7/1/2022
Santa Rosa All employees $17.06 1/1/2023
Sonoma 26 or more employees $17.00 1/1/2023
25 or fewer employees $16.00
South San Francisco All employees $16.70 1/1/2023
Sunnyvale All employees $17.95 1/1/2023
West Hollywood 49 or fewer employees $17.00 1/1/2023
50 or more employees $17.50

California employers should monitor the locations where they have employees for specific eligibility rules and potential new minimum wage rates or changes.


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