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“Black Swan” Author Nassim Taleb


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Yuri Molchan

Popular expert trader and mathematician trolling founder of Digital Currency Group about Bitcoin

Author of nearly iconic books “Black Swan” and “Antifragile,” philosopher and former options trader and risk analyst Nassim Nicholas Taleb, has taken to Twitter to take a jab at the crypto billionaire who founded the Digital Currency Group and its subsidiary, Grayscale — Barry Silbert.

Taleb stated that Silbert is still waiting for Bitcoin to hit the $100,000 level on the charts.

“Barry Silbert is still expecting Bitcoin at $100,000”

Nassim Taleb sarcastically tweeted that the founder of the Digital Currency Group still expects the leading cryptocurrency to soar to the $100,000 price mark.

Taleb published a screenshot of Silbert in which the latter joked that he is looking forward to selling Bitcoin at $100,000 to the author of “Black Swan,” who has turned into a Bitcoin skeptic over the past couple of years.


“Bitcoin would still be a failure even if it hit $100,000”

In March of this year, Taleb opined on his Twitter page that even hitting $100,000 would not help Bitcoin, as it would remain “a failure” even if it achieved that high price mark.

The risk analyst believes that BTC has proven that it is no good as an inflation hedge. Earlier, U.Today reported that, according to Taleb, the current “crypto winter” may well turn into a “full-blown ice-age.”

Barry Silbert, on the contrary, has always been a Bitcoin believer and BTC investor, founder of the two major crypto companies mentioned above.

Bitcoin trading in $19,700 zone

Since Aug. 26, the leading crypto has been trading below the $20,000 level. BTC slumped under the crucial support level after the head of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, gave a speech, saying that the U.S. central bank intends to maintain its hawkish stance regarding handling the current inflation spike.

At the moment, BTC is holding more than 70% under the historic peak of $69,000 reached in November of last year.

The last time the flagship crypto was seen under $20,000 was in 2020, when the pandemic started in the eastern part of the globe and then spread around the rest of it, causing lockdowns and massive money printing in the U.S. (where over $6 trillion in cash was injected into circulation), in the EU, Japan and other countries.


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