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Bitcoin May Soar After Current “Discount”, If History Repeats Itself: Bloomberg’s Chief Analyst


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Yuri Molchan

Major analyst of Boomberg names cases in the past when Bitcoin nosedived like now and then spiked


Chief commodity analyst of Bloomberg, Mike McGlone, has taken to Twitter to say that Bitcoin is in a good position at the moment, despite the big “discount” it is trading at.

“Bitcoin joins gold and US Treasuries as global store of value”

McGlone shared a screenshot with an extract from a recent Bloomberg report. According to it, this year, the leading digital currency has joined the line of other major assets – gold and US Treasuries – becoming a global store of value.

While commodities and global GDP have been declining, and Fed promises more interest rate hikes as part of hawkish stance to fight the inflation. This strategy of the US central bank was caused by the big rise in energy prices globally in the first half of the year.

In the meantime, Bitcoin has been holding near the $20,000 level, going only slightly below it.


“Bitcoin at discount during elongated bull market”

The report also says that Bitcoin is currently going away at a discount at an elongated bull market. The graph shared in the report shows that similar steep falls have taken place twice before – in 2015 and 2018-19, when Bitcoin fell to $300 and $5,000 from higher levels, respectively.

After those plunges, the flagship crypto soared. McGlone believes the same may happen this time too.


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