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Bitcoin Could Not Break $20,000, But It Might Be Too Early to Short It

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Arman Shirinyan

Bitcoin was aiming at $20,000 for past few days but failed to break through

Bitcoin remains suppressed as traders and investors are not yet ready to push the price of the first cryptocurrency above the $20,000 range that the majority of bulls so anticipate. Though Bitcoin is still struggling to move past the resistance level, it is still too early to say that it is “dead.”

According to the daily chart of the digital gold, Bitcoin is currently moving under the 21-day moving average, which acts as a barrier between assets that remain under heavy pressure by the market and those who are trying to enter the reversal rally.

Consolidation as foreseeable future for Bitcoin

Unfortunately, the netflow on exchanges, volume profiles and the volatility of the cryptocurrency suggests that traders and investors are not yet ready to push the price of Bitcoin either way.

Compared to massive bullruns, it is significantly harder to make money during consolidation periods, but “healthy markets” often enter a prolonged consolidation period after volatility spikes as those periods are also known as “cooldowns.”


Back in 2018, Bitcoin’s drop to $3,000 started a 120-day consolidation period, after which the first cryptocurrency entered an uptrend and rallied by approximately 1,800%. Prior to the reversal, large investors are heavily accumulating assets during consolidation.

Since November’s ATH, Bitcoin had lost more than 70% of its value as large investors started taking profits, creating enormous pressure on a market that had no chance to cover the volume of BTC poured on the market.

At press time, Bitcoin is trading at $19,675 and losing 2.5% of its value after failing to break the local resistance for the third time in a row.

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