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Be Prepared in Advance to Experience a Life Impacting Event


Estate Planning is so important as we grow older, make sure your affairs are in order.

 As we grow older and/or when we experience the loss of a loved one, it is not unusual to ask oneself: “How would I spend my last days?”

 Would it be spending time with loved ones and talking about all the memories of life lived so far, or would it be getting everything in order?

 Sadly, too often people are scrambling to ensure all is in order and the final days are a whirlwind of organizing for the survivors. In between the process of trying to learn all that needs to be accomplished, let alone understand, there may be doctor appointments, hospice coordination, and family that suddenly wants to visit after years of no contact.

 In addition to yourself, what do you do about your loved ones? Do they know what to do when they are about to be financially responsible for everything? Financially and emotionally removed from you, do they know how to go on without you? Especially if they relied solely on you to make decisions or handle matters or if you always shared decisions together?

 Make no bones about it, this is meant to shake you into action. It is meant to get you to react and meet with your estate planning attorney. This person can review your situation and make sure that all is in order prior to learning of a life impacting event. Things can then be handled, at your leisure, in an unrushed and calm fashion with plenty of time to think things through and get everything in order. In so doing, should you be in an unforeseen accident or should you get word that time is running out, you can choose to spend it in the way that leads you through your loss where grief turns to memories, tears of sadness to contentment of a life shared, and the comfort that your family can move forward through the hurt to the confidence that a future does exist in your absence.

 If you need to act, please do so. If you experienced it yourself, tell others not to wait. Clip this article and share. Forward from your computer. Don’t be the one who said, “I should have been better prepared.” We’re here to help you plan ahead and feel more confident about your family’s future.


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