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BabyDoge Spikes up 20% Amid Potential Major Crypto Exchange Listing


Cryptocurrency BabyDoge is trading 20% on the upside from the market opening, as opposed to the rest of the market. This is probably due to a teaser of an important announcement published by the project’s official Twitter account earlier in the day. Many BabyDoge owners are pinning their hopes on the long-awaited inclusion of the coin in the listing on one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world, Binance.

Is Babydoge really about to be listed on Binance?

Given that BabyDoge is based on the Ethereum network, where the famous BabyDoge multi-quadrillion burning occurred, the main network of the project is Binance BNB Chain (ex-BSC). Being built on this network, BabyDoge, due to the strong popularity of the project, regularly appeared on various media and news focused exclusively on BNB Chain-based projects. These accounts sometimes reported BabyDoge burning another quadrillion, or put the coin on the list of the most actively discussed on the social networks, or just wrote about the success of the project at this stage. At the same time, BabyDoge itself has not yet been included in the quotation on Binance.

At the same time, one can recall the words of the head of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, that the main parameter that a cryptocurrency must have in order to be listed is the presence of a large number of people involved in trading with it. Given the number of holders (1.6 million) and the increased activity of Binance-affiliated media with regard to BabyDoge, perhaps this major announcement promised to the BabyDoge army today will really be able to finally bring closure to the issue.


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