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BabyDoge Circulating Supply Finally Verified by CoinMarketCap


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Yuri Molchan

Clone of Dogecoin, BabyDoge, has finally gotten one of its important metrics verified by CoinMarketCap

The official Twitter account of 229th-ranked Baby Doge Coin has tweeted that the coin has achieved a major milestone thanks to CoinMarketCap. Now, potential and current investors and traders will be able to get more data about this meme cryptocurrency and monitor important metrics related to it.

Circulating supply verified

CoinMarketCap has finally verified its circulating supply, which is 153,207,172.17 billion meme coins.

The team behind the BabyDoge account admitted that this verification had come after nearly one year.

This clone of the original meme crypto, Dogecoin, has been doing well recently. As covered by U.Today earlier, it has been growing by a high percentage unlike other coins, which have been floating in the red or rising in price very slowly.


Outperforming crypto market

Within 24 hours between June 15 and June 16, Dogecoin soared by a staggering 23%. After losing some of these gains already, the price is still up 10% from the bottom the coin hit on June 15.

However, BabyDoge remains 94.09% under the historic peak of $0.00000002 it set on July 4 last year.

Massive token burns and new adoption

BabyDoge has scored a series of adoption milestones recently as well. It has been listed on CoinTiger, a major centralized trading platform in Singapore. Trading started off today, and BabyDoge has been adopted for crypto payments by NOWPayments and Switchere.

Besides, on June 14, a whopping 2,616,955,024,119 BabyDoge were removed from the circulating supply through burning. Prior to that, during the first two days of this month, the BabyDoge community burned more than two times the coins—six quadrillion of them.

Burning allows reducing the supply of a coin in circulation, potentially enabling it to increase in value in the future as it becomes more scarce.


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