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AWS & Intel’s Effort to Bring EdTech CXOs Together Continues with 3rd Edition of CXO Mixer in Hyderabad


Hyderabad, Wednesday, 22 Jun 2022: Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Intel hosted the third edition of EdTech CXO Mixer in Hyderabad.

The EdTech CXO Mixer (Hyderabad Edition) was attended by 50+ edtech founders & CXOs who joined to network, meet and learn about other edtech businesses and best practices. Sunil PP, Lead—Education, Space, and Nonprofits, Amazon Internet Services Private Limited, AWS India and South Asia, addressed the gathering.

Founders & CXOs from early to growth stage edtech startups in the Hyderabad region attended, including those who leverage AWS to deliver their EdTech offerings in India and the world. The founders shared their EdTech startup’s mission and dived deep into their edtech business’s key challenges.

The organizing team welcomed the edtech founders by expressing gratitude for their amazing work adding to the growth of the edtech sector and the impact they are creating for different educational stakeholders.

PP Sunil Acharya said, ” One of the great things about community is that it enables us to help people in a way we couldn’t as individuals. Getting this opportunity to hear about the work and associated challenges from all edtechs here will help us join forces to solve those problems. We want to be at the forefront of support that the edtech community needs in the form of relevant information, learning and networking opportunities.”

Speaking about the journey with AWS, Arun Chinnachamy, Chief Technology Officer of BrightChamps, a next-generation skills development platform for kids, said, “With AWS, we are lucky to experiment faster. We can scale our multilingual solution to millions of students much faster. Our engagement with AWS has been truly unique, and what we have built in real-time computation would not have been possible without the help of AWS solution architects. I hope this collaboration will help us make our dreams the same way next generations skills help dreams of students across the globe come to reality.”

Raghu Yadala, Co-founder and CEO of ACE Online, one of the leading online GATE preparation platforms, said, “AWS has significantly helped us solve the media side of the problem, and we are very glad to be a part of the AWS ecosystem.” Rakesh Andey, Chief Product Officer of ACE Online, added, “As a pioneer and market leader for GATE & ASE examinations, our major goal before COVID was to transition from traditional business to online business, and currently, we are supporting more than 1 lakh users and terabytes of data which includes videos, study material. Everything at this scale has become possible because of AWS. Thanks to the AWS team for helping us scale our business.”

Priyanka Kamath, Co-founder of Skill-Ex, an AI-based skill training recommender, said: “For a co-founder, one of the biggest concerns is technology infrastructure cost. We’ve been very fortunate to get selected for the AWS EdStart program, through which we received AWS credits to set up our cloud infrastructure and get the technical know-how that helped us scale our venture. We have been able to leverage the Amazon Comprehend service to understand AI/ML modelling, and use that to make the candidate experience much more fruitful, as well as to achieve the right precision value for the recommendations.”

AWS aims to help EdTech entrepreneurs build secure, smart, scalable, and cost-effective solutions. AWS and Intel share more than 14 years of a relationship dedicated to developing, building, and supporting cloud services designed to manage the cost and complexity, accelerate business outcomes, and scale to meet current and future computing requirements.

Seeing the positive feedback of such gatherings by the edtech CXOs in the community, AWS is planning to bring such meetups for edtech founders in different regions across India to continuously support innovation in the edtech ecosystem.

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