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Audius (AUDIO) Jumps 25%, Three Reasons Fueling Price Growth


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Godfrey Benjamin

After 25% daily growth, Audius is now trading at weekly growth of 93%

Audius (AUDIO) is among the high fliers in the market today as it is changing hands at a price of $0.325, after inching up by 25%. Per its current outlook, it is up by 93.84% over the past week, registering itself as impermeable to the notably bearish turn that the market recorded earlier this week.

Audius occupies a unique niche as a decentralized music streaming protocol that was initially built on the POA network but now living on Solana. Inspired by the inefficiencies in the traditional music-streaming industry, Audius is notably living up to its promises as a hub that hosts music and artists and rewards them appropriately for their ingenuity.

The three core drivers of the AUDIO token today include the onboarding of actor and musician Jeronimo Cantillo, the enhanced user experience being created — including the share to Snapchat feature — and the enhanced community engagement with top artists hosted on the platform.

With these advances, users tend to trust Audius to introduce initiatives that can give them the best value for their money and the time spent on the platform.

Challenging Mainstream streaming

Blockchain technology is notably being adopted to change every aspect of human life, including the streaming of music and video. In an industry that is dominated by the likes of Apple, Spotify and Google, Audius is driving the evolution of the Web3.0 version in which users can control their own data and join in the decision-making while engaging with the platform.

Audius was founded in 2018 and has notably thrived thus far with a consistent build-up of its community and ecosystem. While the crypto winter fueled a major slump of the token, which is down by over 93% from its ATH of $4.99, the community is optimistic that its first mover advantage will help its future price stability and growth.


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