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Ark Invest’s Ex-Lead Says He’s Buying Solana, Here’s Why


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Arman Shirinyan

Prominent analyst believes that network still has some future and most recent issues won’t bring it down

The former lead of Ark Invest’s cryptocurrency division says he is ready to support the dying Solana network and agrees with the most recent thread shared by Vitalik Buterin. He also has his own reasons, as described in a series of Twitter posts.

First of all, Burniske believes that Solana’s ecosystem is filled with talent and developers who will be able to push innovation on the network independently from what we can find in Ethereum or Cosmos, even without the support of venture capital that has been pushing Solana’s competitors forward. 

According to Burniske, some of the devotees of Solana are “hardware junkies,” and others are network optimization enthusiasts who are committed heavily to making Solana a better ecosystem. The validator community has also joined Solana not only because of the financial opportunities, but they are genuinely excited about what the whole system can achieve.

Burniske also highlighted the personality behind the network, saying that Anatoly Yakovenko is more pragmatic than Vitalik Buterin or the founder of Cosmos, which may push some to believe that he has betrayed some of his crypto ideals, while in fact he is simply trying to build a more efficient future for blockchain.

From a technical perspective, creators on Solana often blend Web2 and Web3 technologies, which means they understand the backend of what they create and have enough skills to produce front-ends and make the network friendlier to the mainstream.

The period Solana is going through right now is complicated, but mistakes made along the way will only make it stronger, believes Burniske. Unfortunately, there is nothing to do with Solana but wait and see: either a revival and morphing into Ethereum 2.0 or the same fate as networks like EOS.


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