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Arbitrum (ARBI) Token Might Be Airdropped to These Crypto Holders

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Vladislav Sopov

Crypto community getting closer to most anticipated airdrop of Q4, 2022


Arbitrum, a dominant Ethereum-based second-layer network on Optimistic Rollups, is on the eve of its much-anticipated token distribution. It looks like getting the ARBI token will not be an easy task.

Odyssey, transactions, Discord: Unofficial checklist for Arbitrum’s airdrop

Arbitrum, a L2 scalability protocol on top of Ethereum (ETH), will highly likely distribute its token in the near future. At the same time, its team has not released an official eligibility guideline, noticed anonymous crypto enthusiast who goes by @0xtypejohnny on Twitter.

According to his review, to meet the eligibility criteria, cryptocurrency enthusiasts should at least take part in the Arbitrum Odyssey campaign, perform mainnet transactions on Arbitrum, achieve specific roles on the project’s Discord and “participate in the network’s progress.”

The fourth criterion is the most complicated: given the example of Optimism (OP), this task might include multiple transactions, DAO voting, working with multisig tools, Gitcoin donations and so on.


As per the estimation of the blogger, completing all tasks might only cost $10 in Ether for one wallet.

Why is ARBI airdrop crucial for Web3 community?

Another enthusiast who goes by @bagelface_ even managed to summarize the list of tokens required to achieve one of the roles from the project’s Discord.

First of all, the global crypto community keeps its eyes focused on Arbitrum’s airdrop due to splendid success of the token distribution by Arbitrum’s core competitor Optimism (OP).

Also, Arbitrum is a key element of the global Ethereum (ETH) L2 ecosystem: as of early October 2022, it is responsible for over 50% of all TVL in Layer 2 protocols.

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