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Apple Crypto Scam Fools Thousands of Users

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Alex Dovbnya

Thousands of users mistakenly tuned into a fake Apple livestream that was adverting a cryptocurrency scam

Cryptocurrencies scammers attempted to cash in on today’s Apple event with a fake YouTube live stream advertising a crypto scam.  

According to the Verge, tens of thousands of users were tricked into watching it.

The bogus stream was actually showing an old interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook. The fraudsters behind the sham managed to get the video to the top of search results during the event with a bunch of Apple-related keywords.


The goal of the scammers was to trick gullible users into links that lead to a sketchy-looking website advertising cryptocurrency scams.  

Of course, this scam is now new. Fraudsters pulled the same trick during an Apple event last September. As reported by U.Today, a whopping 165,000 people were watching a fake YouTube stream. It features an announcement about Apple supposedly buying 100,000 BTC and organizing a giveaway event next to an old interview of Cook.

Last November, Cook said that he had bought some crypto. However, he also clarified that the tech giant had no immediate plans for cryptocurrencies.   

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