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Another plug for a podcast for all sentencing fans (and especially defense attorneys)


In this post some months ago, I highlighted the great new podcast created by Doug Passon, a defense attorney and documentary filmmaker, called “Set for Sentencing.”  Doug continues to produce a lot of terrific content each week, all posted at this archive.  I thought to put in another plug for his efforts because the latest episode, “A Richer Measurement of Justice: The Novel Lolita Read as a Sentencing Memorandum,” starts with a plug for this blog.  In addition, here are just some of many recent episodes sentencing fans ought to enjoy:

Your Voice Matters: Priorities for the Newly Minted Federal Sentencing Guidelines Commission

Prison Consultants and the Myth of the Fixer: How to Separate Substance from Snake Oil

A View From the Bench: Sentencing Expert Alan Ellis Discusses His Interviews with 40+ Judges About What Matters at Sentencing

Presumed Punishable: Antiracism at Sentencing

Draco: Alive & Thriving: Historical and Constitutional Roots of Modern Sentencing


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