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Anon Whales Grab 560 Billion SHIB as Meme Coin Regains Its High Position


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Yuri Molchan

Whales buy astonishing amounts of Shiba Inu as token is back on top of asset list


Over the past four hours, several massive amounts of Shiba Inu tokens have been moved. Two of these four transfers were conducted with the participation of Binance exchange.

In the meantime, Shiba Inu maintains its high position as ETH whales’ top asset, which it regained earlier this week.

560 billion SHIB on move

According to Etherscan, lumps of 200,000,000,000 and 158,081,037,000 SHIB have been transferred between anonymous digital wallets.

Two transfers carrying 100,000,000,000 Shiba Inu each were bought on Binance exchange and sent to the 0xef686ec84eea2eae6f59cbc704d05b939f8fb385 address. These 200 million SHIB are evaluated at $2,224,000.


At the time of writing this article, the address that received this crypto stands empty of SHIB.

Image via Etherscan

SHIB holds top asset status, ETH whales add $4 million in Shiba

Two days ago, Shiba Inu recovered the status of the biggest holding in the USD equivalent of the 100 largest wallets on Ethereum chain. Since then, it has managed to maintain it, while the top ETH whales have bought another $4 million in Shiba Inu.

This is the equivalent of 361,010,830,324 meme tokens. Now they hold $136,956,295, versus $132,953,632 two days ago, according to data provided by WhaleStats wallet tracker.

Image via WhaleStats


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