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An Insiders Guide to Bangkok


Having lived, worked, partied and generally existed in Bangkok for the last six months, it now has a fully entrenched spot on my list of favourite places. So, when I meet fellow travellers around Thailand I find myself having the same conversations; ‘I promise Bangkok is more than just a sprawling metropolis’, ‘yes, Khoa san road is hedonistic and chaotic but there are other places to wile away the long evenings’, ‘I know the sewage system leaves much to be desired but look beyond that!’.

Why, I wonder, do so many people have such a strange and tainted view of Bangkok? I get it: raucous cities aren’t everyone’s idea of a good time (and Bangkok is often awarded only a couple of days by those beginning or ending their travels). So, here is an alternative, practiced and more local guide to this iconic city which will show you a quieter, more laid-back and less well trodden route to navigate:


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