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American Airlines to Cut Service to Four Cities Due to Pilot Shortages


American Airlines announced that they will be cutting service to four regional cities effective from September 7. These four cities are Islip and Ithaca in New York, Toledo in Ohio, and Dubuque in Iowa. 

The airline blamed the lack of regional pilots for dropping services to the cities. Currently the cities are served by up to two daily flights to larger hubs. The AA spokesperson said that 100 regional aircrafts are grounded due to regional pilot shortages. The airline claimed that they will be taking steps such as boosting regional pilot pay for a reliable schedule in future. Till then the airline will continue to serve airports less than 100 miles from each of these four cities. 

The pilot shortage has been affecting the airline industry. American Airlines became latest in line to cut services. United Airlines also dropped service to 29 cities this summer citing pilot shortage. Pilot hiring experts warn that the pilot shortage won’t be resolved for several more years as it takes time to train new pilots and more pilots are expected to retire in the next few years.


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