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“Amazon SHIB Burner” About to Catch Up with September Burns: Details

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Yuri Molchan

Shib Super Store on track to meet last month’s burns, while SHIB burns overall are slowing down


Developer of games for smart phones, supporter of SHIB burns Travis Johnson, who runs “Shib Super Store” has announced on the shop’s Twitter page that his is on track to catch up and then hopefully surpass the amount of SHIB burned in September, even though only half of the month has passed.

On track to meet September figures

Among his tools for burning these meme coins, Travis uses Amazon affiliate program, as well as one from Fiverr and MEXC crypto exchange.

Together with advert profits and commissions earned on Amazon, Fiverr and MEXC, the tweet states, the overall amount of SHIB burned so far this month comprises $860. This is worth 84,729,064 SHIB. “We are on track to meet the numbers from last month”, Johnson says.


385 million burned this week in total

Overall, the amount of burns made by the SHIB community has been decreasing recently. This week, according to data published by Shibburn Twitter account, only 385.1 million meme coins was sent to dead-end wallets.

This week, SHIB market performance has been negative, following the set back of Bitcoin, when SHIB dropped below the $0.00001 level briefly. By now, however, the price of the meme coin has made a slight recovery, trading $0.00001015.

However, this week, the interest of the largest Ethereum whales rose towards SHIB as it became twice their biggest crypto holding in the USD equivalent.

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