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Amazon Develops Virtual Healthcare Clinic to Treat Common Diseases


Amazon has launched Amazon Clinic, a virtual platform that connects consumers with healthcare specialists to address common disorders such as allergies and skin issues.

Customers seeking treatment will be connected to healthcare providers through Amazon’s new service, which will be available in 32 states in the US. The service does not include health insurance, and pricing will vary depending on the provider, according to the company.

Amazon has long aspired to increase its footprint in healthcare, where it is currently a minor player. It purchased the online pharmacy PillPack in 2018, laying the groundwork for a prescription delivery and price-comparison site that became Amazon Pharmacy, allowing consumers to purchase prescription medications.

In 2019, the online retailer piloted virtual care visits for its employees in Seattle before expanding to other employers under the Amazon Care brand, which it now plans to close by the end of this year.

In addition, the company is awaiting the completion of its $3.49 billion acquisition of One Medical, as it seeks to expand its virtual healthcare presence and open brick-and-mortar doctors’ offices for the first time.


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