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AI Says Lawyers Should Blog If They Want To Build a Reputation On The Internet


I have been playing with Lex.Page, an AI web based writing platform.that helps you generate copy quickly and easily.

I asked Lex.Page to complete this sentence, “To build a reputation on the Internet a lawyer should…,

To which AI continued with this copy

….consider blogging. Blogging is an incredibly effective and low cost way for lawyers to gain exposure. It provides them with the opportunity to reach a wider audience and establish themselves as thought leaders in their field. Blogging also allows lawyers to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise as well as provides a platform to share case studies and recent legal developments. Additionally, blogging gives lawyers the opportunity to build relationships with their readers, which can turn into business opportunities. On a side note, blogging also helps to improve a lawyer’s website’s search engine ranking, which can further increase

Not completed copy, but like ChatGPT assisted copy, a nice start.

More importantly for lawyers is that the only tactic AI suggested here for building your reputation through the Internet was blogging.

There are tools and social media that are used by lawyers for building their reputations online, which would likely be suggested as a probed and wrote additional copy.

Blogging happens to be the first a lawyer should consider.


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