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AI Is Here – Does It Have To Look Like Us?


We humans are an arrogant species. We pretend to be humble at times; but, every time we get the opportunity, we tend to anthropomorphize every technological advance. AI is a marvel of computer and technological achievement. We are teaching computers to use their vast data storage capacities for useful purposes. Imagine a lawyer armed with every case report from all time, and the ability to search and analyze the results of that data in an instant? We are doing that now, with cloud based legal research, computer based analysis of Big Data, and advances in decision making by machines. So, why, given all that, do we need to fantasize about putting that tech into a human form? Why do we give such power and ability to a machine that has metal arms and legs, and can carry a weapon? Execupundit highlights this clip from the recent scifi movie, Ex Machina, which postulates an AI robot that kills the human who created her. (Pronoun used descriptively only). I predict that, even with our arrogance, you won’t be seeing a robot Perry Mason walking around a courtroom anytime soon. You will, however, see lawyers carrying smartphones and wearing smartglasses and smartwatches, each of which will have the ability to mine millions of data, and make on the spot decisions and analysis of a pending legal problem. We don’t need robots to look like us. We need to make ourselves more knowledgeable.  


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