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A friend to all that loved cars… The “Mr. GTO” story

A look at some of Mr. GTO's stable of Ponchos.

A look at some of Mr. GTO’s stable of Ponchos.

If you were a car guy in the Bismarck, North Dakota, you probably knew Al Blatter or “Mr. GTO.” Al was a friend to anyone that loved cars, especially Pontiacs. If fact, Al, Mr. GTO, kept a book with all his friends’ cars and other people in their car club and the parts that they needed to get their Classics back on the road. It wasn’t a surprise that Al would walk up to one of the guys in the car club and hand them a part for their car that they had been searching years for. Al, “Mr. GTO”, would walk right up to them and hand them that elusive part and walk away smiling ear to ear. So many lifelong friendships were made from their love of cars. For over 25 years, Al and his car friends had cruises and camp outs and many hours around the bonfire talking cars. There was one cardinal rule in the club, “Don’t count your cars and tell guys what you got.” This cardinal rule became apparent this past year after Al, “Mr. GTO” passed away after contracting COVID in 2021. His friends would finally see the mystery of Al Blatter, “Mr. GTO” and his Pontiac hoard.

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