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A focus on local prosecutors as abortions now are subject to broad criminalization after <em>Roe</em>'s reversal


The modern progressive prosecutor movement had already in recent years brought heightened attention to prosecutorial policies and practices.  The Supreme Court’s ruling in Dobbs overruling Roe and allowing for the broad criminalization of abortion has, unsurprisingly, brought even more attention to whether, when and how prosecutors might seek to charge persons for abortion-related activities.  Here are a few recent news article discussing some of these issues:

From the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, “Tarrant County DA says she will prosecute any legitimate Texas abortion law violations

From The Hill, “Elected prosecutors vow not to go after women seeking abortions

From NBC News, “Prosecutors in states where abortion is now illegal could begin building criminal cases against providers

From STAT News, “HIPAA won’t protect you if prosecutors want your reproductive health records

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