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7 House of the Dragon Filming Locations you can check out IRL


Another epic English destination. For its next House of the Dragon filming location, HBO headed northwards (not quite to the wall), to use the dramatic rolling hills of the Peak District. If any locals were taking a walk last May and thought you spotted Matt Smith (that’s Prince Daemon Targaryen to you and I), with a ridiculous blonde wig walk past, you probably weren’t going crazy. The Peak District is also home to Cave Dale, where the gruesome crab kings acolytes take shelter.

Even if you’re not Targaryen spotting, this huge National Park packs in moorlands, lush hillsides, valleys and lakes, and is a great place to get some fresh air and soak in all that natural beauty. Gets a bit windy though. Must have been a ‘mare in that wig, Matt.


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