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6 Tips for Gifting an Employee


When it comes to gift giving, most people either love it or hate it. There’s something about choosing the perfect gift for someone that can be so daunting. But what if you need to give a gift to an employee? Whether it’s for a holiday, a special occasion, or just because, here are six tips to help make the process a little easier.

Custom Gifts, Not Personal Gifts

One of the most important tips when gifting an employee is that custom gifts are fine and, more importantly, encouraged, but you should absolutely avoid getting any personal gifts. What would be considered a personal gift? Clothing, underwear, jewelry, and more. This is because these gifts are easy to misread and send the wrong message.

What sort of custom gift could you get? For example, you could get motivational posters with the person’s name or a coffee cup with a motivational message with their name. One great idea is to gift your employee a custom map, available on Printed Memories on the anniversary of their employment. Even though these gifts are quite generic, they will be much more appreciated because they are custom.

Don’t Just Gift One Employee

Unless it is well known that everyone will receive a gift whenever it is a birthday or a festive season, you shouldn’t just gift one employee. The primary reason is that you don’t want employees to feel unappreciated, left out, or to develop ill feelings towards other employees.

Most importantly, the one thing that you should avoid doing is employees questioning your intentions or motives if you were only to gift one employee. As such, when shopping, try to get a small gift for everyone during the festive season, and if you are friends with an employee outside of work, that’s where you should give other gifts.

Don’t Spend Too Much

Similar to the gift above, you should avoid spending too much on a gift. The primary reason for this is that if a gift is too expensive, the chances are the employee will feel uncomfortable receiving the gift. In addition, you don’t want the employee to feel like they have to gift you something of the same value in the future.

As such, when you gift employees, you should try to buy gifts of similar value for each employee that you are gifting. Of course, this is an exception if you have a secretary or personal assistant since you will develop a closer relationship with them than other employees.

Gift for Hobbies

If you are unsure of what types of gifts to get your employees, one thing you can always gift for would-be hobbies. Of course, determining the type of hobby your employees are interested in might be difficult, but to make it easier, you could send an e-mail asking them to reply with this information so you can store it for the future. If someone says they enjoy art, perhaps you could get them a few paintbrushes. If someone says that they enjoy playing tennis, getting a few tennis balls won’t do any harm.

Determine the Occasion

Another important thing you should do when gifting your employees is to determine the occasion. Or, in other words, why are you getting them a gift? The primary reason you should do this is that it will help you determine the type of gift to get them.

More importantly, determining the occasion for the gift will also help to achieve a goal. For example, if you are gifting an employee for doing a remarkable job with a project, setting a record, or gaining an achievement, this type of gift can be slightly more expensive to really show your appreciation. If it’s a birthday, you could gift a holiday for when they take time off.

The Gifts Don’t Have to Be Physical

Finally, the last tip on this list is that gifts don’t always have to be physical. If it is Christmas time or some other festive occasion, the gifts don’t have to be physical gifts, and your employees will still appreciate it if you were to get them to gift vouchers, for example.

You could also gift employees with your merchandise, which would be cheaper in the long run, won’t come across as too personal, and won’t show any signs of favoritism.


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