E Point Perfect

5 reasons more people are seeking travel that teaches you


Close your eyes and whatever you do, DO NOT think about cornflakes. 

Impossible, isn’t it? 

It’s often the same with ‘doing nothing’ in an attempt to forget your troubles. You get yourself into position, book in one hand, cocktail in the other, the sun’s at just the right angle, comfy temperature, and then bam… there you are thinking about work, or your cousin’s wedding, or whether you double-locked the door before you left. 

For some, the change of scenery is enough. For others, it’s easier to stop worrying about one thing when you’re using your brain power for something new, like remembering the names of the Mountain Gorillas you just saw (in the wild) or the right wine to pair with the fresh Italian truffles you just foraged.  Travel that teaches you is also travel that engages you, and puts all the noise to the back of your mind.


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