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$25.00 Minimum Wage for Healthcare Workers Will It Go Viral? Which New Laws Are Stayed?

At the start of June 2022, the City of Los Angeles approved an ordinance to raise the minimum wage for certain healthcare workers at privately-owned healthcare facilities within the city.

Since June, more cities have passed nearly identical ordinances.

All ordinances apply only to privately owned healthcare facilities including:

  • General acute care hospitals;
  • Acute psychiatric hospitals;
  • Clinics that are part of general acute care hospitals and acute psychiatric hospitals;
  • Skilled nursing facilities that are part of general acute care hospitals and acute psychiatric hospitals;
  • Residential care facilities for the elderly that are located or licensed at the same address or located on the campus of an acute psychiatric hospital; and
  • Chronic dialysis clinics.

Joining Los Angeles in passing the ordinance were the cities of Downey, Long Beach, and Monterey Park.

Based on recent developments, Los Angeles and Downey ordinances are currently stayed due to referendum petitions asking the ordinances to go to the voters instead.

Only Monterey Park and Long Beach have effective dates, August 31st, and September 26th respectively, unless there are last-minute developments.

The cities of Duarte and Inglewood have agreed to put similar ordinances on the ballot in November 2022.

A handful of other cities, including Lynwood, Culver City, and Baldwin Park have considered passing an ordinance but have not acted to date.

There is also a push for a California statewide healthcare minimum wage. However, no formal bill has been proposed and the current legislative session ends on August 31st.

Jackson Lewis will continue to track changes in state and local regulations affecting employers. If you have questions about the healthcare minimum wage ordinances or related issues, contact a Jackson Lewis attorney to discuss.


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