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2022 Future Employer survey – have your say on what lies ahead

earth-3537401_1920Seyfarth is committed to helping leading employers and in-house counsel adapt to the rapidly changing business landscape and prepare for what may lie ahead. As part of that commitment, since 2017, Seyfarth has carried out a suite of initiatives based on helping clients understand the future of work and empowering them to tackle emerging workplace issues proactively. One such initiative is a two-part webinar series on The Future of the World of Work, which explores the powerful drivers reshaping work in the coming years. If you missed this series, you can read a recap of Part 1 here and Part 2 here

Five years after Seyfarth’s inaugural Future of Work survey, the world and workplaces have changed faster than anyone would have anticipated. Seyfarth has remained steadfast in assisting leading employers to navigate work, business, and the economy as they are continually transformed by emerging technologies and cultural shifts, not to mention the pandemic. Seyfarth’s clients have been working hard to meet the challenges and seize the opportunities created by these changes and our specialist team of lawyers have been working alongside them to make this process as straightforward as possible.

The needs and objectives of major employers are continuing to evolve, particularly given the dramatic, fast paced changes we have experienced in recent years. Seyfarth places a high premium on remaining up-to-date on what matters to employers and, therefore, we are pleased to announce our 2022 Future Employer survey. We invite you to join the conversation by taking our two-minute survey. We look forward to sharing the survey’s outcomes so you can learn what opportunities and challenges are in store.

Take the 2022 Future Employer survey here.

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