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187 Billion SHIB Grabbed by “BlueWhale0159” Whale as Shiba Price Keeps Falling

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Yuri Molchan

Major Ethereum investor has poured nearly $2 million into buying big lump of Shiba Inu on dip

WhaleStats crypto tracking service spreads the word about another massive Shiba Inu purchase made recently. An Ethereum whale has bought 187 billion meme coins while the SHIB price keeps going down despite numerous cases of adoption.

187 billion SHIB purchased amid price fall

Whale “BlueWhale0159” has purchased 187,000,000,000 Shiba Inu coins, paying a total of $1,985,940 for them.

This whale holds the majority of his portfolio in the USDC stablecoin – 95.38% of it. The overall value of his crypto investments on the Ethereum chain comprises $241,709,014.

According to the page of this investor’s wallet, he has already sold this large amount of the second largest meme cryptocurrency. WhaleStats shows that Shiba Inu is currently both on the list of the top 10 bought coins and is also included in the list of the top 10 sold cryptocurrencies.


As reported by U.Today, on June 1, another top Ethereum whale, “BlueWhale0073,” acquired 130,419,267,297 SHIB worth $1,531,122 back on that day.

Whales’ balances of SHIB drop below $500 million

As per the WhaleStats website, major ETH investors have been selling their Shib tokens. The data provided shows that the overall SHIB balance of Ethereum whales now constitutes less than $500 million – a total of $495,453,149, or 11.13% of their portfolio.

SHIB here Comes second after FTX Token (19.87%) and third after USDC stablecoin, which has become quite popular recently after Terra’s UST stablecoin lost its dollar peg and USDT’s peg demonstrated brief volatility dropping below the $1-$0.99 level.

At the time of this writing, Shiba Inu is changing hands at $0.00001068, per data provided by CoinMarketCap.

Recently integrated SHIB payments in 180 countries

As covered by U.Today, now consumers in 179 countries can use SHIB, Dogecoin, BTC, LTC and other digital currencies to buy goods and services from merchants after the recently announced collaboration of BitPay and noncustodial wallet Edge.

The latter boasts a user base of more than 1.7 million accounts. After BitPay and Edge have joined forces, payments in SHIB and other cryptos are now available to more than 200 million users around the world.

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