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119,000 XRP Accounts Have Been Created Since November, Total Number Getting Insane


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Gamza Khanzadaev

XRP accounts number sets all-time high as 119,000 created since November

The number of XRP accounts has risen by almost 120,000 since the end of October and has now reached 4.46 million, as reported by XRPL Services.

The total number of XRP contained in these accounts is 56.28 billion. However, there are only 994 accounts without XRP, due to the need to reserve some tokens to provide operations. Thus the number of zero accounts is only 0.02% of the total.

Also of interest is the declining number of XRPs held in Ripple escrow accounts. Over the time period indicated, that number has fallen by 600 million tokens. Ripple thus has 43.7% of the total existing XRP supply at its disposal at this point.

NFTs at XRP Ledger

The statistics for NFTs based on XRPL are also interesting in view of the recent implementation of the new XLS-20 standard. According to the same data, the number of NFTs offered on XRP Ledger so far stands at 79,341, of which 12,703 are buying and 66,638 are selling.

As previously reported by U.Today, the current NFT sales record on XRPL was set in late November, when an unidentified community member bought an item from the Xpunks collection for 108,900 XRP.


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